PrimeSkin Review

PrimeSkin CreamReady For Your Prime Skin?

What does it mean to be in your prime? Are you looking your best? Feeling your best? Maybe you’re at your most knowledgeable and wise. In terms of beauty, PrimeSkin Cream touts itself as your solution to get your skin back in its prime. In our Prime Skin Cream review today, we’ll be looking over everything that makes this product special, including a look at the ingredients, claims, and the all-important price. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, there is another option. You can skip all this boring reading and get straight to the order form for PrimeSkin just by clicking the image. Isn’t that nice? Click to get started.

When we assess skin creams, the first thing we look at is ingredients. So it’s fitting that the first thing we’ll be covering in our PrimeSkin Review will be ingredients. We’re going to look at what the Prime Skin Formula is claiming to do, then look at the studies that back up those claims. But having the best ingredients in the world doesn’t mean anything if the average person can’t afford it. That’s why we’re looking at price, and if there’s a PrimeSkin Trial. But enough about what we’re going to do. If you want to check out Prime Skin right now, click the banner below.

PrimeSkin Cream Review

PrimeSkin Ingredients | Stand Out or Watch Out?

When we first looked at PrimeSkin, we were impressed. The presentation of the product is sleek and modern. But we’ve been fooled by pretty packaging before. So we immediately flipped to the ingredient label. Here’s what stood out to us;

1. They’re using “whole collagen molecules”
2. They describe the serum as “peptide-rich”
3. They imply a lot of ingredients in their marketing

  • Collagen – The first part, the collagen molecules stands out to us because there aren’t many products out there that use this tactic. Typically, anti-aging products try to boost collagen by other methods.
  • Peptides – After that, you have the description of peptide-rich, which is a great sign for any formula. Peptides have a long history with great skincare products, especially when used correctly. Some studies have shown peptides give great benefits, especially in improving skin barrier function.
  • Implied ingredients – There are a few claims made by the company (we’ll touch on this in a minute) that imply certain ingredients. The big one that stood out to us was the claim that the product helps to “counter the effects of stress”. Further, they claim that PrimeSkin Cream “boosts skin immunity and prevents damaging effects of free radicals.” The most common approach for fighting free radicals is using antioxidant ingredients. While we don’t know which antioxidants they’re using in the formula, there are a few common ones like; Vitamin E, Green Tea, Resveratrol, Niacinamide and others.

The PrimeSkin Trial | Worth the Hassle?

In the skincare world there are fewer things hotter than the trial. But as popular as these trials are, they’re certainly divisive. A lot of people want to just buy a product and be done with it. But there are other people who would rather try something first, even if it means they have to jump through a few hoops.
So when we saw the PrimeSkin Trial, we immediately flipped to the terms and conditions. What we found was a fairly standard online trial. Here’s the condensed info;

1. You pay CAD $3.95 to get your trial PrimeSkin Cream sent
2. When you pay, your trial period begins
3. The trial period is 14 days
4. After the trial period ends and you haven’t called to cancel, you pay full price for the trial bottle
5. After the trial period, you’re also subscribed into a monthly autoship program

So the trial period can be somewhat tight, but if you want to try the product, this is really your only choice. If you want to risk the secondary (read reseller) market, you don’t really know what you’re getting. So if you want to buy PrimeSkin Moisturizing Cream, this is really your only option.

PrimeSkin Review | Frequently Asked Questions

We know that a lot of our readers are going to have questions about PrimeSkin Cream, and we want to do our best to provide answers. But, there’s a problem; there’s a limited amount of information available. That’s why we’re going to do our best to give some informed info about things they didn’t talk about.

How long until I see results with PrimeSkin?

In looking at studies on ingredients that are supposedly featured in PrimeSkin, the average length of controlled application of things like peptides were in the 2-6 month range. In order to see the benefits from any peptide-based skincare product, you need to be using it regularly and long-term.
That said, we’re not sure on the recommended use timeframe for PrimeSkin Cream. There aren’t any studies provided by the company on the product, so there’s no known answer.

Is PrimeSkin available in the US?

Right now, it looks like PrimeSkin is only available in Canada. But we haven’t talked with the company regarding their plans on releasing in other countries. We’ve seen similar products released in the US, so it might be worth the wait to find out.

Where is PrimeSkin made?

We’re not sure. In looking at the contact information, we did find that their fulfillment center is in the US, so it might make sense that the product is made in the USA as well.

Are there user reviews for PrimeSkin Cream?

Not that we’ve seen so far. It’s a hot-off-the-presses product, so we would guess that the users reviews for Prime Skin will start rolling in within the next few months.

Prime Skin Review | Final Thoughts

While we would obviously like to have more information on PrimeSkin Cream, we think that it shows enough to warrant a try. Maybe not a buy right away for us, but a try for sure. That’s why we’re happy they have the trial option. If you want to get a bottle sent, you can click any image on this page.